This BMW 318i returned home from south Africa


This story, happened in mid-2014, we had overlooked, we recover via motor. BMW once in a while choose a few stories for them in their #BMWstories, and this is deserved. Since it is not only by distance, but by the challenge itself. is Not an off-roader, and would lead to three burly and bearded young people.

The initial intention was to return to Percy -the proper name of this 318i– to Munich, to be recycled, but at the last moment there was a change of plans. Why did he have a name? Became the “legs” of its owner, a military pilot who ended up in the wheelchair after an accident. Have been companions for a long time.

The trip was documented extensively in a blog, and we can share some of the experiences of the protagonists thanks to the modern cameras of video. as we have, it was a walk, except the part of going through a stony field for 25 hours.

The route chosen was the following: Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi,
Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan,
Egypt and Israel. In the city of Haifa, took a boat to get to
Greece, and from there to Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. The
rate of movement varied greatly depending on the country, in a Touareg prepared would have taken a lot less.

The owner went to Germany on a plane

I Hope you enjoy the video as much as I have done. Want to do something like that, at least once in life. The tour lasted for almost four months (105 days) and cost something less than 15,000 euros at the exchange.

Percy rests for ever in a museum, he has earned it.