This BMW 330d Touring I wanted to be an M550d… and he got it

Of the hand BBM Motorsport we find a significant evolution of a BMW 330d Touring of the previous generation, an evolution which under the name of BMW 350D 3T has gone to reckon with the mechanical diesel tuned by BMW M that we find in the BMW M550d.

Not only has more power, has inherited the part cycle M3 E92:

If you want something similar, of series, you have a BMW M550d Touring by 96.350 euros

Under the hood of this BMW 3 Series Touring beats now therefore the mechanical diesel supercharged 6-cylinder in line and 3 liters of cubicaje that we find in the BMW M550D and in the BMW X5 and X5 M50d, but not happy with this change in BBM Motorsport have increased the original power of this engine.

in Front of the 381 horses series, compared to 740 Nm of torque that delivers right out of the dealership we find now with a power of 440 horses and a couple even more massive, 850 Nm.

But there are more and you’ll like it.

Under that blue skin tone matte we are the axes BMW M3 E92, a new endowment of brakes StopTech and a 19-inch alloy wheels accompanied by tires Michelin Pilot Sport. In its interior there are a few Recaro seats, instrumentation inherited from the BMW M3 E92, and steering wheel M Performance finished in Alcantara. The soundtrack is responsible for a new exhaust system.

Prestacionalmente this BMW 330d vitaminado happens to mark a 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, while from the 100 km/h only needs 9.8 seconds to reach 200 km/h. Its maximum speed has also been increased to 296 km/h.


image Gallery BMW 330d prepared by BBM Motorsport: