This BMW M1 will go on auction in Monterey, and it could be yours for half a million euros


The BMW M1 remains one of the most important sport in the history of the bavarian manufacturer. It is not for less, despite its uniqueness -or perhaps precisely for this reason-that the only produced a total of 453 units of the BMW M1, among which included something more than fifty units for the competition.

Effectively, the BMW M1 was born at the end of the decade of the seventies, with the intention of be approved within the Gr.4 and Gr.5. Production only took place between 1978 and 1981, and this is one of the last manufactured: this BMW M1 1981 takes the place #348 within this limited production, and in a few days will go to auction.


it Will be auctioned off in Monterey next August 19th, and is expected to reach a price between $ 450,000 and $ 600,000; that is, be quoted between € 400,000 and some 540,000 euros, at the current exchange rate between currencies. A very high price, but that has its justification in the history and features of a model unparalleled inside BMW, the first sporty, with a central engine manufactured by the of Munich.

Its exterior design, made by Italdesign of Giugiaro, remains as striking as nearly four decades ago, but technically, the BMW M1 was also ahead of his time: a tubular chassis, engine inline six-cylinder and 3.5-liter located in a central position, independent front and rear suspension with stabilizer bars and 277 HP of power were only some of its features.


The history of this unit from the BMW M1 part of the October 13, 1980, when he came out of the production line to get to Italy. There would be a dealership of the brand until 1984, when it was sold to a private collection in Japan. Since then, 12.838 miles on its odometer and a state of conservation enviable and completely original.

With his painting of the factory Inka Orange and interior with upholstery in leather and fabric color black, this is the second unit of the model that goes on sale in just a few weeks: a BMW M1 white was auctioned at Goodwood 2016, reaching a price of 367.383 euros. We will see now if this unit exceeds that quote, something which seems feasible given that very few units of the BMW M1 reached american soil.