This BMW Z4 with a V10 engine 8.3 of the Dodge Viper can be yours

BMW Z4 con motor V10 8.3 de Dodge ViperIf it is only a few hours we have been totally amazed with the Porsche Cayman that was on a V8 of 5 litres and source Ford, this BMW Z4 we will accelerate dangerously heart rhythm. Best of all is that it is on sale on Ebay, so if you have a current account of several digits, you could buy it. 49.500 euros away from this powerful creature.

The most powerful version of the BMW Z4 of this generation was the Z4 M, which yielded a few more good 343 horses to full performance. However, little would have to do in a “battle” against the Z4 with a V10 engine from a Dodge Viper. Its capacity is 8.3 liter and yields a power of 550 horsepower, that are sent to the rear axle after going through a gearbox six-speed manual.

BMW Z4 con motor V10 8.3 de Dodge ViperThere are powerful car (and not so potent) that are capable of producing a huge and lasting smile to the one who leads but, unless you are an experienced pilot, try to carry this monster close to the red zone of the rev counter must be scary, very afraid. Says your retailer that is a car brutal, and the truth is that we do not need to what is de jure, what we believe in.

In the images we can appreciate a black, both the bodywork and for the wheels OEM design multirradio. Just behind them is a brake system from the very Audi R8, and is not for less. Despite the fact that in the announcement does not specify modifications to the suspension, it is easy to see that this is not the the BMW Z4 brought series.

on the other hand, it also features a roll cage in its interior, which is achieved by improving the safety in case of accident and, in addition, increase the stiffness of the chassis. For weight savings, all unnecessary elements of the interior such as upholstery, door panels, and a good part of the dashboard have been removed. The seats have also been replaced. Sincerely, little looks like the interior of this Z4 modified to the bringing of series. With all this reduction of weight the scale only mark of 1,400 pounds; which indicates a weight/power ratio of 2.54 kilos per horse.

BMW Z4 con motor V10 8.3 de Dodge Viper

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