This can’t go well: 65% of our car fleet exceeds 10 years

Retroprueba BMW E30 320i Baur TC2

While Brussels tightens the belt to Spain, trying to pay for all the alleged fast roads (highways and expressways) of our road network, we get a study developed by Urban Science on the fleet Spanish 2016, by referring to a car fleet with passenger cars, commercial vehicles, all-terrain, commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles and mopeds.

we do Not say anything new, or something that doesn’t yet know, when we talk about the park automobile Spanish is very old. In Spain there were, at the date of 31 December 2016, 30.366.603 vehicles. Of all of them, 19.712.850 vehicles had more than 10 years old, almost two-thirds of the park, the 64,92 %. A fact that may give you fear.

In the case of the cars, cars with more than 10 years, representing 65.7 % of the sector. Other data very representative is the greater number of cars circulating in our road was registered in 2005, 12 years ago.

Renault 5 TL de primera generación

it Is curious that in campaigns security broadcast on tv, letters of recommendation, sent by the very DGT and in many other ways, we advise changing the car because “an old car is much more unsafe than a new car”. Is it a topic that some driver do not know?

We ourselves have said on several occasions, it’s clear that a new car is much safer than an old one!, but we must also understand that anyone who travels with an old car is, in most cases, because can’t afford to purchase a new vehicle for clear economic reasons or job situations are unstable. It seems that from above this is not understood.

Meanwhile, in certain cities it is prohibited the circulation, and even parking, to certain cars depending on their age. In this case is not for safety, if not by pollution, or that we want to tell. Do the more polluted a car of December 31, 1999 that another identical but enrolled on the 1 of January of 2000?

Renault 14 de primera generación

Lords of above, we would all like brand new car every 3 years, every 5 years or even every 12. That would mean that we could permitírnoslo. Do not give account you of that the wages, working conditions and the fear of not being able to pay prevent us from making such a large investment?

in Addition, do you see any logic in that we have to to pay for all the highways and expressways of the national territory? Do you prefer that the not be able to afford to travel by secondary roads, in which, we recall, occur 8 out of every 10 deaths by traffic accident, instead of way more secure? Of course, that you can’t afford the new toll nor be able to afford the purchase of a new car, so that will go for roads of a security rather than a car and far more insecure.

I Think that does not have to be gifted to understand certain things in life; and this is one of them.

Source – Urban Science