This copy china in the Pagani Huayra is an electric car… And is in production!

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Copia china del Pagani Huayra

This rough copy china’s Pagani Huayra is in production and is marketed in two versions.

As well, you have been able to see in the gallery images above and the ones that accompany this article, we are faced with a rough copy of the Pagani Huayra. Designed by a young chinese man of 26 years, is simply called “Supercar”, something is ironic if we take into account your performance and power. It is classified as a “low-speed vehicle” and, therefore, can only circulate by city.

In his bowels, and according to the information published by our colleagues in Car News China, the “Supercar” is an electric car available in two versions. For a part we have a model of 4 CV that is able to reach 40 km/h and its battery giving it an autonomy of 80 kilometers with a single charge. Above, there is a more powerful version of 10 HP which can reach up to 60 km/h and its autonomy is increased up to 100 kilometers respectively.

The difference in power and features with regard to the model created by the engineers of the Italian brand is titanic. The body of this electric car is made in glass fiber and weighs only 200 kilograms. Its dimensions are very compact, since measured 4,00 meters long, 1,70 meters wide and 1.30 meters high respectively.

Copia china del Pagani Huayra

One, two, three… just Find the similarities to the supercar Italian!

The truth is that its design a few comments deserves. Just take a look at your headlights, rear lights, shapes of the front and behind to realize that it is a cheap copy. By the way, the exhaust outlets are, of course, false. In its interior, things are very modest, since they only find a small touch screen, a steering wheel (without airbag) and a dashboard made entirely in plastic.

If we take into account that the model released by Pagani in the year 2011, the Huayra base, it had a source engine Mercedes-AMG biturbo 6.0-litre twelve-cylinder engine with 730 HP and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque, it is inevitable to be the next question, how many of these copies would need to collect in order to achieve the power of the Pagani Huayra? Because, if we take into account that the most powerful version of this electric car has 10 HP, we would need to “merge” 73 units to match in power to the supercar’s original Pagani. Almost nothing.

┬┐And what is the price? Because this copy of the Pagani Huayra is on sale from the to 38,000 yuan for the version of access. 5.230 euros at the current exchange rate.