This could be one of the enrollments more sides of the story, and it can be yours!

Ferrari is going to sell an item that is really expensive, it is in the picture you see above, and it is not a brand-new red sports. We have already spoken on more than one occasion of the folly that generated the license plates custom, license plates with combinations of letters and numbers that reflect the philosophy of its owner, or that are consistent with the model that will look. Be that as it may, we have already seen that the award of fees for value of hundreds of thousands of euros has ceased to be a story to become something very usual, especially in countries such as the Uk, who have known how to make cash with the business of license plates custom. why is auctioning off Ferrari tuition?

The registration-auction has been customized to the extent of the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The tuition issue is really juicy, “V12 LAF. An enrollment that comes as ring to the finger for his brand-new supercar, the Ferrari LaFerrari. Why Ferrari, conscious of her attractiveness, has decided to subastarla to the highest bidder. Accepted bids until next Monday, November 30, that will be the day when finally we will know how much you have paid for it.

The collection will go to the Henry Surtees Foundation, a foundation created in honor of the son of John Surtees and in favor of people who have suffered serious physical and brain in road traffic accidents. Everything is for a good cause.


  • what it will be worth It to pay hundreds of thousands of euros for a tuition that will equip a super sports car that far exceeds one million euros? crazy as it may seem to pay those amounts by a combination of letters and numbers might not be crazy. Especially if we take into account the resale value which will in the Ferrari LaFerrari in a few years, and that’s a fact as seemingly insignificant as a license plate personalized, you can be more of a factor when trying to increase the price and increase the appeal among collectors of sports and customers capricious.

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