This could be the Apple Car: the 4 keys of the car from Apple

Mobile phone, watch, tablet… even with a (expensive) pen dares Apple in a strategy blast that has several common denominators: high quality products, possibly the best in its category, a customer care superior and a common ecosystem that will grow as it accumulates users and launch new devices, is There a limit really on products or new releases are concerned in the signing of Cupertino? What is true is not, and what have been proved above. That the giant would venture to manufacture a car is nothing new, but what before was only a rumor, it has already become something already discounted by the media and by his opponents, why give all the world for granted, that there will be an Apple Car?

  • The firm would have hired an entire army of 1800 full-time employees in what is known as “Project Titan”, with the horizon of present the expected product in 2019.
  • The own Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, given the fact that Apple is working on the vehicle with the leak of employees that is suffering from the company in favour of the manufacturer of the apple, to the point that you have described the firm as “the graveyard of Tesla” implying that they have been the worst engineers.

Well, if it looks like a fact that Apple is going to manufacture a car what would you do? Go ahead from here we are forced to play to fortune-tellers, but in the background, not so much: the firm, despite being a hotbed of what’s new, not usually out of your script and is fairly predictable.


1. Electric

At this point of the film and with the Volkswagengate still hot, it seems obvious that the vehicle of the house will have a green propulsion, and on the other hand, Apple has always done flag to strive for maximum respect to the environment in the manufacture of their products. A clean vehicle able to be manufactured in bulk and that is sustainable, that leads us inevitably to the electric motors, and possibly for this reason the house is by hiring employees from Tesla. Although with Apple, and that projection of anticipated release, one can expect really any surprise.


2. Connected

Seen what he is capable fact Tesla, we assume that the car of Apple will be a vehicle connected to the network, and this will not be a functionality more, but that will be its key feature. We have to think of the Apple Car as one more device to the ecosystem of the home and safe that we were not wrong if we predict that will be part of iOS. And you may think What is the gain of a car really in an ecosystem of phones, tablets and watches? What is certain is that much: the major brands have confirmed to connected equipment passes by the geolocation and the maps, and the integration of a means of transport in this system provides all advantages. If you ‘export’ the experience of the mobile cars, the user would know at all times where your vehicle is located, you could turn on the heater at a distance, and it would be the car itself that would damage (possibly to the user and to the workshop, arranging an appointment automatically). The vehicle would be pleased to update your software automatically and, of course, would be a key piece in the Internet of Things.


3. IoT: Internet of things

this Is the other key piece in the future of the connected equipment and in regard to the home, such as heating or lighting. Apple has long been working in this field, and we can assume that the future car will be a key piece in this ecosystem, How it may benefit the user? Let’s imagine that heads home after a long day of work, and in the moment in which you access the vehicle, the car communicates with the computers in the home to adjust the temperature and lighting. Around the corner could eventually open the door to the garage and inform our that we are back, although it is true that this would be only the beginning, and sure that the signature will surprise us with more possibilities.


4. Breaker… and do you freelance?

What happens if we introduce Jony Ive in a cocktail shaker with a development team of cars and beat up strong? The famous british engineer is well known for breaking in what design is concerned, and its products part always of two maxims: the ease of use of their products and the utmost quality along with a flawless aesthetic. If we extend these principles to the field of cars we can find ourselves with a design that does not resemble any of the cars we’ve seen to date. In the end, we have to remember that it is Apple, and their designs are always on trend. Finally, it seems a fact that in the future in the medium term, vehicles will be able to drive by themselves. Don’t have accidents, they are efficient in driving and lack of emotions, those precisely that make us tread on the bottom, or driving aggressively.
Still we wait for quite a few years before Apple unveils this long-anticipated ‘One more thing’, but surely that little by little we will know more details through leaks that will be appearing in the media.