This could be the aspect of the future SUV SEAT

SUV de SEAT Tecta/Arana Long time we have been talking about this model and it seems that every time is more near. We know that SEAT is planning to launch a SUV and that will come during this year, as it will probably be shown in the next Geneva. What little we know so far tells us that will be a compact crossover, which will take as a base the SEAT Leon and that you receive the features of the prototype SEAT 20V20.

But something that until now was a complete mystery was his appearance. We get a picture of what appears to be this future SUV SEAT seen through his own multimedia system. As we have said, you can recognize some gestures of both the Lion and the 20V20. Still open the debate about his name. Recently we heard that could be called a SEAT Tecta, however the latest reports indicate that we will know as SEAT Aran.

SEAT 20V20

SEAT 20V20

it Seems that this question will be answered next February 10, when SEAT what is present in society. Until then we’ll have to make do with the image, and its dimensions that have also been filtered. Use the MQB platform, and measuring 4.36 m long, 1,84 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. In addition, its wheelbase will be and 2.64 meters.

In terms of its range of engines, it seems that it will offer the well-known TSI and TDI in the VAG Group. For the part of the petrol would be the 1.4 and 1.8 turbo, while diesel could be the 2.0 TDI with powers of 150 and 190 HP. You can choose between a six-speed manual transmission and the other automatic DSG. Serial the Aran/Tecta will be front-wheel drive, but optionally be able to receive the awd in the more powerful engines.

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