This could be the Audi A3 Allroad quattro in the event of

Audi A3 Allroad quattroTo the beginning of the month we saw arrive at the Audi A3 2016, the restyling of the successful compact, which adopted some touch-ups on an aesthetic level, new range of engines and became the day in terms of technology. With the arrival of the new model the rumors were fired and some were pointing directly to a possible Audi A3 Allroad quattro, he comes to us a recreation that takes as base the facelift.

Taking the version Sportback of the A3 and put any items that we have already seen in the Audi A4 Allroad quattro 2016 we get this curious result. But the important question is whether this hypothetical compact with skills offroad would have a gap in the market. Without a doubt, in the event of could doing harm to some rivals, such as the recently launched Infiniti QX30.

Audi A3 Allroad quattroAlthough this may A3 Allroad quattro might have problems at the time of find a niche in the wide range of Audi models. The brand of the four hoops has more than covered the segment of the SUV small with the Audi Q3 and the newcomer Audi Q2. Also is covered the step of the vehicles practical, because we found two family members as are the Audi A4 Allroad quattro and A6 Allroad quattro.

despite the fact that there are many chances that will reach the market, this recreation of the Audi A3 Allroad quattro does not dislike. The points that stand out here are the body elevated to get better through the obstacles, all the lower part protected by black plastic and a defense silvered in some areas by highlighting its appearance. Time will tell if Audi finally dares with something like this, or on the contrary is left in the inkwell.

Source – RM Design

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