This could be the first image of the Ford GT production

The image that presides over this article could perfectly correspond to the Ford GT production. The concept was presented at the Geneva motor show this year 2015, but the production version should not have been introduced until well into the year 2016. It seems that a club of enthusiasts of the Ford GT in Facebook has dropped this picture on his Facebook, specifically in what appears to be a presentation event of the partnership between Ford and Corning Glass for the production of windshield Gorilla Glass.

Your brakes don’t seem to be perforated or carbonocerámicos, although the image quality is not excellent.

At first sight, is a car almost traced to the concept presented in Geneva. I’ve been looking at the image for several minutes, comparing it with an image of the concept and only find a difference. The difference is that in the car that presides over this article there is a catadióptrico orange in the wheel arch front. It is a legal requirement in the united States for circulation on the road. It is the only detail in which it differs from the prototype. In the rear, also shows us the rear spoiler, deployed.


Until now only we had seen this in his position with less downforce. This spoiler hydraulic can possibly also act as an airbrake. In terms of the power of their engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost, we are still in the dark. It speaks of a power of between 600 HP and 700 HP, with a weight that just would go to the ton and a half: the chassis of the Ford GT is a carbon-fibre monocoque. Soon we will have more official details, and maybe Ford will present in Detroit your production version.

Source: autoevolution
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