This could be the interior of the new Volkswagen Golf, with a box of controls, 100% digital

we Know that Volkswagen will come with all his cavalry, and with a great display technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 to be held in Las Vegas the first week of January. Confirmed its prototype van of the future, it is likely that also show technologies that are closer to the production. And that is precisely where comes in this video, leaked by The Truth About Cars these days, in the us, which is intended to be the interior of a new Volkswagen Golf, or, as a minimum, a review, a face wash, of the current.

judging by this video, the Volkswagen Golf could receive very soon the digital instrumentation of the new Passat.

The distribution of the controls, and the shape of the center console is exactly the same that we find in the latest generation of the Volkswagen Golf. The big news we have in a new team of entertainment, with a touch screen of large dimensions and, above all, a dashboard is dominated by a system of instrumentation fully digital, such as the one already premiered the brand in the Volkswagen Passat.

Obviously, the decision to integrate in the Volkswagen Golf this technology responds to the logic followed by Volkswagen, get the digital instrumentation is extended throughout the range Volkswagen, from top to bottom. The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016, launched in September in Frankfurt, also you will enjoy this system.

What we still don’t know is if, as noted by this video, will present an update of the Volkswagen Golf, ready for your marketing, with digital instrumentation. The other option is that it is a prototype, or an advance payment prior to show us the possibilities of the technology, something that it would not make a lot of sense if we take into account that the digital instrumentation already been marketed a few years in the Volkswagen Group, and not only in the Passat, but also in some models of the range Audi.

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