This could be the interior of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3As you know, Tesla desvelaba a few months ago for its new access model, the Model 3. The all-new saloon of the american company puts the goal in the D segment, offering another door to customers looking for a BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class or Audi A4. The model is expected to eager, and is that in the first three weeks, the brand received approximately 400,000 orders in the saloon. We don’t yet know the final aspect of this Tesla Model 3, although your interior could be very similar to the one we see in image.

This image has been posted on instagram and may belong to the interior of the Tesla Model 3. The own Elon Musk has said that the cabin of the Model 3 production will not be as seen in the prototype, despite the fact that you inspire in him. In the picture we can see a large display placed on the central console, from where apparently you can control most options of the vehicle. Of note is also that we do not count with box of instruments on the vehicle that we see in the image, a solution of the which is spoken of in historical reports.

Tesla Model 3we Still don’t know if the interior of the Tesla Model 3 will be as shown in image, but if we are certain that the huge screen located in the center console will be present on the production model. Since she can control both the system of info-entertainment as various options of the vehicle. By confirm is whether or not there is instrument panel, and although in the picture will not see it if you could make it to the production model.

we Hope to alert more information from the Tesla Model 3, a model that is expected to arrive in 2018. The brand has reorganised its production before the arrival of the model, and it is expected to manufacture 500,000 units per year.