This could be the new Audi A6

Render Audi A6it Is expected that the brand from Ingolstadt to present his new Audi A6 at the beginning of 2017. The company does not want BMW to gain ground when the next 5-Series, a renewal that, according to seems, will come to become the reference of the segment from the first moment. If not do you remember, in June I had all the innovations that would bring the model bavaro, a cast of technology that aims to revolutionize the segment. Well, the brand of the rims is not willing to stare at, and is preparing his A6 to consciousness. Do you think we will be taking as inspiration the Concepts Prologue? If you are doing it the result will be similar to this render.

As you can see the image that we bring to you corresponds to what would be the new Audi A6 with a design inspired by the prototype Prologue, a concept that we saw in 2014 and which anticipated lines of future Audi A9. The design of this prototype is without a doubt a beauty, highlighting the straight lines that give form to its body, the pilot ripped a penetrating stare and the calender of generous dimensions. Patterns that continues to this render and would continue to, in the case as you say that based on this prototype, the next A6.

Audi Concept Prologue

Audi Concept Prologue

Little is known of the new generation of the sedan average Audi, although is expected to reduce its total weight in a significant amount that will get more dynamic driving and, therefore, the more efficient your behavior. The platform that will give you life could be MLB Evo, which then would be guilty of this reduction is weight. On the other hand its (technological vying for you to you with the BMW 5-Series, now up to an option of driving semi-autonomous.

in Addition to this novelty, it is expected that the future Audi A6 2017 has a air suspension that would work with a system capable of scanning the road and the irregularities of it. The vehicle is antepondría to these irregularities by adjusting the hardness of the springs, and getting more comfortable driving. Other also suggest that you mount the optional lighting system laser.

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