This could be the Porsche Panamera Coupe, all of a 928 modern

Porsche Panamera Coupé renderThe Porsche Panamera 2017 was presented in the past few months and what is certain is that has not stopped talking about it. What is certain is that it has already been practically confirmed a version shooting brake, which will come very shortly. Although recreation that comes to us today is about something very different. Might as well be a hypothetical Porsche Panamera Coupe in the case that you decide to produce it.

And we say this because it’s still there is nothing confirmed in the brand from Stuttgart. Even so it would not be something far-fetched, since there might be gap in the market for this Porsche 928 modern and the new modular platform of the Panamera would have no problem to adopt this body. The truth is that Porsche always have liked the coupes, so much so that in the future could get a SUV coupe to its range.

Porsche Panamera Coupé renderAlthough we have mentioned before, the Porsche 928, the hypothetical Panamera Coupe would not have the same function. It would not be called to replace the 911, but to have a model to compete with other segment as the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. As we see in the render, remove the rear doors and it would add a drop ceiling to something more prominent, which will provide a greater dynamism to the set.

finally would not have too many differences and would continue incorporating the rest of news on the Panamera. Among them are a cutting-edge technology that includes the Porsche Advanced Cockpit, in addition to a multitude of driving aids. The range of engines it could also be the same, with the new V6 and V8 biturbo. Although now they are just assumptions, we wouldn’t care about anything that looked forward to this Porsche Panamera Coupe.

Source – Theophilus Chin

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