This could be the Tesla Model 3 Hatchback


If a model is being talked about in the media during the last few days, is Tesla Model 3. The next electric vehicle lowcost of the company of Elon Musk is breaking all the molds and expectations with a bookings already exceed 300,000 units in a model will not begin to be delivered until the end of the next 2017 (if there is a delay in its production, yet to begin).

well, now, thanks to automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin we find an exercise in rendering and digital design of the possible compact version of the Model 3 and, certainly, has very good aspect.


Digress a little, the model of the $ 35,000 price would reduce its size cutting back slightly on the rear part to do away with its sedan body and turn it into a hatchback with a C-pillar to something that is closer and larger, that would give a fall much more pronounced on its roof, with a small spoiler.

Your behind, on the other hand, could be practically unaltered with respect to the vehicle showing a trimmed ass and a gate opening full, but with just changes in the back of your body.

And is that the final appearance of the model would be very different in spite of respecting virtually all of the aesthetic appearance of the Model 3 original, from your front bumper without grille front to their doors, interior and, in short, its exterior completely until you get to the pillar B.


Perhaps the reasons that Tesla has not opted for a compact hatchback to be of nature aerodynamics or autonomy (if the model is smaller, there will be less space for batteries) or maybe this option of body you are considering in Silicon Valley.

I think it’s an option more than attractive, the truth.

┬┐And to you, I would like to see a Tesla Model 3 Hatchback?