This crazy ad for the Fiat 127 seems a Gymkhana Ken Block

Sure you still remember the SEAT 127 of a family member or friend. Under that name it was sold the FIAT 127 in Spain, a vehicle small and robust that took you to where you need that has aroused passions from the first day. So much so that today some dream of a modern reinterpretation that return to life.

But not only its qualities, knew how to win public support. There were also a number of advertising campaigns who did his job well as video we bring you today. The pilot specialist Rémy Julienne recorded this awesome television commercial 1971 to the more pure style of the famous Gymkhanas of Ken Blocks.

Driving fast on rough terrain, jumps, spins 180 degrees, or circular on a moving train at full speed. what you never atreviste to give this use at the utility?