This dealer Lada in France seems frozen in time


All the vehicles seem to be used.

In some place of France has appeared this strange dealer Lada, which according to the pictures appears to have been abandoned many years ago now, but by what they say in previous reports, incredibly continues to operate, although probably not as dealer, but as a technical service for the vehicles of the brand in Russian.

Lada many years ago does not have an official presence in many countries of the European Union. In Spain they became standard models of our roads in the decade of the eighties, especially the successful Lada Niva, which at that time topped the list of off-road cars more economical. Had No rival in that aspect in the segment, to which is added a very easy to maintain and inexpensive, and a great robustness of use. Practical aspects of all the products of communist countries.

however, the passing of the years became to the already obsolete then Lada models clearly archaic and out of context, your technical section had its roots many decades ago, so that disappeared from many european markets.


The model that is more repeated is the Samara.

In this case, Lada he left the French market nearly 10 years ago, in 2008, we believe that this dealership simply left to market these vehicles, but probably continued with the work of technical assistance to the vehicles of the brand.

A situation similar to the Chevrolet dealerships of our country, once missing the signature of Europe, continued with the technical assistance service vehicles sold.

The photographs show a rather bleak, most of
the units correspond with the Lada Samara, a compact vehicle
launched in the eighties
, and which soon became the model more
sold of the brand. All of them are enrolled and appear to have
been in that same position for years. The dust and the rust
are doing with them and it seems that no one has touched in years.