This discreet BMW M235i has more power than the M2 and G-Power is to blame

BMW M235i won for us to the beat of a great tune, and the good performance of their block of 6 cylinders and of course, we can not have more desire to put ourselves already behind the wheel of a BMW M2. If in your time you have fallen into the temptation of hitting a M235i instead of waiting for the M2 or 326 horses you already know a little G-Power has the solution.

G-Power adds no aesthetic changes or in its cycle, but power enough to overcome the M2:

in Front of the 62.900 euros of the BMW M2, the BMW M235i has a starting price of 49,500 euros, being available also with all-wheel drive.

To hit software G-Power takes the block turbocharged 3-liter cubicaje from 326 horsepower to the 380-horsepower, increasing step torque from 450 Nm to 530 Nm.

Thanks to this increase of power and torque, the M235i is situated above the BMW M2, which we recall has a power of 370 horses and a couple 465 Nm, although, of course, despite the good setup of the M235i, the M2 still has a part cycle top in which it, among other details, it appears a new differential, or the sub-frame of aluminium the M3 and M4, staying well in front of the scale 35 kg below the M235i.

This potentiation has an interesting price 2.320 euros to add to 49.500 euros, M235i manual, 53.200 € if we opted for the automatic version.