This dragster soviet 1,500 HP would have won the Cold War [video]

GAZ Chaika that appears in your screens is very far from the limousine, soviet as the one that was born for possibly decades. It was manufactured until well into the 80s, though its original design was a copy of burda from a Packard of the year 50. Was the favorite car of high-ranking dignitaries of the Communist Party, as well as of the organs of government after the “iron curtain”. Become a brutal dragster 1,500 HP, I’m sure that would have been a fantastic weapon in the Cold War.

GAZ Chaika was based on a Packard american of the 50s, it was a blatant copy, in fact.

Would defeat capitalism, without a doubt. Although it is true that in his heart beats a huge block V8 of american origin, harnessed to a brutal 1.500 CV. This GAZ Chaika runs at the Russian Drag Racing Championship (RDRC) and is owned by a team of Estonia. Perhaps a panel of your body still belongs to the Chaika original, although by now I doubt it. Your entire chassis is a lattice tubular with the dual aim of rigidity and lightness to withstand the tremendous power of your engine.

This unique dragster-looking soviet has succeeded in times of 7.7 seconds in the quarter mile, an impressive figure for its potency. You may need more than 2,000 HP if you want to download of the 7 seconds, at these levels, the quarter mile is a battle of power, more traction. Below we leave you some videos that you can see this abomination in full action.

Source: autoevolution
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