This E34 BMW M5 has a turbocharged truck, more than 1,000 hp and the Bugatti Veyron snack

Very careful. We have a new beast loose on the roads of Europe. After the Volkswagen Golf Boba Motoring (I hope you’ve already seen), to Sweden we will drag racing with flying start. In them, a Bugatti Veyron faces unsuccessfully to a Kawasaki Ninja H2 – in street version – and after the defeat, faces a BMW M5 E34 . With only 340 hp as standard, no one was prepared to find more than 1,000 hp under its hood and a turbo from a truck . Could the Veyron with the M5?

The car has been prepared by an anonymous Swedish workshop … and this could put them on the map.

The BMW M5 E34 had several secret under the hood. A reinforced block and a turbine the size of a pot, drawn from a heavy truck. When the turbo starts to blow, all hell breaks loose, and over 1000 CV pass unfiltered to the rear wheels shod with Hoosier slicks drag racing. Explosions, petardazos, flips … show a tune still in progress, but also a potential tremend√≠simo, still hidden in the 3.8 inline six.

m5-engine-veyron-e34 And a potential that is already able to outrun a Bugatti Veyron – with 1,001 horsepower, and a direct-shift gearbox, as the collar M5 – in output released . And by a considerable margin. The surprise of the occupants of the Veyron is clear, and obviously not get over their astonishment when they open the hood of BMW M5 , discovering the hidden beast. Now it’s your turn to see humiliation video. Are you ready for it?

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