This electric bicycle Yamaha is the alternative to civilized the Bultaco Brinco

In the Living in Tokyo Yamaha does not only we will present new bikes, like the Yamaha Resonator and no, we are referring only to that car of which we have already been warned by shadow. Yamaha will have a electric bike in the above-mentioned living room… and everything points to that it is the perfect match for the Bultaco Brinco.

Yamaha presents this electric bike in the Lounge of Tokyo along with new bikes and even a car

Although both exploit the concept of mountain bike, the Bultaco Brinco is positioned slightly closer to a bike than the Yamaha.

Under the name of Yamaha YPJ-MTB, Yamaha introduces us to a mountain bike, assisted by a mechanical power. Conceptual for now the mountain bike electric Yamaha looks like a curved box, and a seemingly generous front fork, asking us to scream that the fill of mud on our stretch of mountain favorite.

Your mechanical, electrical, integrated in the central part of the box, is animated by a lithium-ion batteries with a capacity dand 400WH and a power of 250W. Let us remember that to be considered an electric bike legal the propeller can only play a maximum power of 250W.

From Spain: a concept that has already exploited the Bultaco Brinco:

If we talk about electric bikes of mountain, we must think of the Bultaco Brinco. Cutting more radical, the Bultaco Brinco brings together the concepts of motorcycle and bicycle under the umbrella of an electric thruster, offering a performance “mechanical” greater than that of the bike of Yamaha, in fact Bultaco flame directly to the Jump “moto-bike”.

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