This exhaust Akrapovic is the final workpiece you need for your new BMW M2 (and we have a video to convince you)

BMW has done a good job with the exhaust system of the BMW M2, the BMW Series 2 is the most radical. A good job is more than palpable in the gurgling resulting in each change of gear, every time you stretch the regime of its 6 cylinders… but as always we want to and Akrapovic proposes a suggestive option to take to a new level the delicious melody of our BMW M2.

Developed in titanium this new exhaust system not only undertakes to put a new soundtrack to our car, it also reduces its weight, at 5.3 kg, and improving the specifications of the block 3 litres of cubicaje.

In this way, the engine earns 9 horses and increases its torque in 8.8 Nm, recalling that the BMW M2 has, as standard, with 370 horses and up to 500 torque Nm.

in Addition to this escape improves the final finish of the rear, when presented with some outputs and are finished in carbon fibre and offers us the possibility to adjust your sound through the touch of a button that acts on the valves in the exhaust.

did Your price? You must talk with your dealer Akrapovic nearest. Recall that the BMW M2 has a starting price in Spain of 62.900 euros.