This fantastic Porsche 917K circuits restored again after 40 years

Tomorrow starts at Laguna Seca fantastic fifth Porsche Rennsport Reunion . An event that brings Porsche racing cars of all ages. And it is the ideal scenario that Porsche of North America present in society a fantastic 917K returning to the circuit after 40 years of absence . A copy completely restored to the highest level, fully functional and decorated in the colors of the time of Gulf Racing. One of the greatest wonders of the Rennsport Reunion definitely.

The Porsche 917 used a manual gearbox with clutch hard as a rock.

This was the Porsche 917K winner of the 1000 km of Spa in 1971 . The car was officially piloted in other events, but none as important as its successful launch. He even rolled in Watkins Glen in the US, but for years was stored in Porsche ownership. The Zuffenhausen then painted it in the colors of Gulf Racing and exposed for a few years in the museum of the brand. Until in 2012 was restored in full and sent to the US to participate in the Meeting Rennsport.

Endowed with a marvelous 12-cylinder boxer engine, turbocharged and air-cooled exhaust sound to free emanating from its free exhaust is glorious. Some 917, in qualifying configuration, came to deliver about 1,500 horsepower and reach 400 km / h . All this in a machine than a ton of weight and without any driving aids. The ABS was something inconceivable even in the 70s, and less competition. It took a very brave to drive these beasts rolling pilot.

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Porsche Rennsport celebrating its fifth meeting. An event that we’d love to go.

At events like the Rennsport Reunion current owners of Porsche racing cars can give free rein circuit. Some cars are 50 years or more and that is why Porsche offers partial or total restoration for them. A restoration is sometimes only involves updating their security systems lightly: tires, seats and safety belts are somewhat modern almost essential in case something breaks into the car, and also to maintain their control


These services are offered globally by Porsche Motorsport, but are centralized in Weissach, how could it be otherwise. We will urge you to enjoy the gallery of high-resolution images that gives us Porsche, as well as video of this beautiful 917K in Willow Springs Raceway in California.

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