This Ferrari 250 GT SWB California could be sold for more than $ 17 million

Ferrari 250 GT SWB CaliforniaWithout a doubt, the classic models of the “prancing horse” are always among the cars with figures highest sale in auction. In this way we are not surprised that the record of sale at auction what holds the Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti 1957 sold a week ago for 32 million euros. It is precisely this sale supersedes to another Ferrari, the 250 GTO Berlinetta, a model which reached a price of 28.5 million and that up to then possessed such a record. Now another son of Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB California, will be auctioned for an outrageous price, $ 17 million.

This auction will take place on the 11th of march and it is more likely that this figure is exceeded. As I told, the Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti, 1957, which would become the car for the most paid at auction exceeded expectations, estimating that his final price would be at around 28 million euros. Precisely it has been talked about a lot of this record and of their mysterious buyer, as many media would have put a name and face with none other than Leo Messi. An alleged purchase that the player has denied on social networks ironizando with the topic.

Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti de 1957

The record of sale at auction what holds this Ferrari

But, what is so special about this unit of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB California? In the first place only produced 56 units, only being 37 which were riding short battle SWB. The same car is from 1961, and among its virtues we find a propellant V12 3.0-liter with 240 horse power, a exhaust system Abarth, instrumentation Veglia and wheels Borrani. In addition, this unit has a paint-exclusive call Rosso Cina, a red more special than the well-known brand.

Similarly, this Ferrari 250 GT SWB California is also famous for having had a role in the film Yesterday, today and Tomorrow starring the famous actress Sophia Loren.

Source – Carscoops