This Ferrari F40 could be yours: what would you pay 1,5 million euros for him?

what would you Pay 1.5 million for a sports made 24 years ago? what Is an appropriate price for a Ferrari F40, a bargain, or is it exorbitant? Ferrari F40 is one of the supercars more desired, a sporty racing licensed street. Ferrari developed this machine in the eighties, which was to become the last to receive the approval of one’s own Enzo Ferrari, as reflected in the product street the aspirations that the prancing horse stood for years in the Group B. The result, a machine which would produce more than 1,300 units in something less than ten years of production. A spin extraordinarily wide, if we compare it with its predecessor, the Ferrari 288 GTO, or their successors, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari, it still has not undermined its exclusivity, or its high resale price.

Ferrari F40 more quoted are the LM, the preparations of racing made by Michelotto with official Ferrari license.

Ferrari F40 in question, that today closes the bidding at eBay, account with a selling price immediately 1.699.000 dollars (1.564.415€ at the current exchange rate). It is a unit of 1992, in rosso corsa, that is definitely the most popular color in a F40. Would be in a perfect state of magazine and the scoreboard would include just 12,000 miles you have traveled in these 24 years.

In any case, we have to remember that in London this summer subastaba a Ferrari F40 1992 845.600 pounds sterling (1.150.000€ to the current exchange rate) and some€ 400,000 difference with the Ferrari of today I have talked about. In Arizona it is also subastaba a year ago a F40 90, with 8,500 miles, for a price very similar to that of London, 1.265.000 dollars (1.165.000€ at the current exchange rate).

The units listed, which hover around 3 million euros, are the preparations of careers carried out with the permission of Ferrari by Michelotto, and 19 Ferrari F40 LM that today their numbers reach truly astronomical in the auction.

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