This Ford Fiesta bicolor has browser and costs 9.900 €

Ford has prepared a new special edition of the Ford Fiesta. A special edition that comes reminding us a greater allocation of equipment, which include the incorporation of a browser to its endowment of series and also looks a quirky finish duotone. It’s called Ford Fiesta Collecion, and can be a tempting alternative if you’re looking for a utilitarian economic.

A gasoline engine of 60 horses and a good endowment of equipment for 9.900 euros:

the price is 9.900 euros. A price that already includes the discount for the Plan PIVE of the Government, the promotional discount, and a discount applied to finance the purchase with the financial proposal for the brand.

This special edition features an petrol engine of 60 horse and boasts a equipment in which we found some alloy wheels of 15 inches, fog lights and daytime running lights LED in addition to a package Collection that adds the climate control and multimedia system SYNC with browser.

Aesthetically emphasizes the incorporation of a finish two-tone the ceiling and the mirrors look in a tone that contrasted. This finish bicolor is not the first time that we see this in the Ford Fiesta, recall that special edition, of vocation, more sport, that was introduced under the name “Ford Fiesta Black and Red Edition”.

An alternative: the Renault Clio:

If you are thinking to buy a utility of some 10,000 euros you can’t lose either to a Renault Clio with the petrol engine 1.2 75 cv and an equipment in which there is no lack of web browser, air conditioning, alloy wheels, cruise control and the bluetooth part from 10.150€.

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