This Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous does not need lights to see at night

Ford Fusion Hybrid autónomoThe autonomous vehicle continues to gain ground and as well shows Ford in his latest research. Recently in the facilities of the brand in Arizona, was tested a Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous with an eye-catching feature. The tests took place in the middle of the night and the vehicle was circulated with the headlights turned off. Something that would not be recommended for a person, but that is possible thanks to technology.

According to some data, in the united States the mortality rate in accidents at night, three times that of during the day. The research aims to avoid this and keep moving forward in the development of driving autonomously. The key of this test are sensors LiDAR, which unlike the cameras, do not need the light in order to function properly. Proof of this is the video that we have below.


Although it is ideal to have radars, cameras, and LiDAR working together, only the latter are able to do it well independently and in the dark. Get throwing 2.8 million laser pulses per second to scan with precision your environment. This will create a 3D map high-resolution information about the road and everything that surrounds it.

The bet of the american brand is strong and has plans to triple its fleet of autonomous vehicles for testing. This reaches 30 units Ford Fusion Hybrid roll out in the states of California, Arizona and Michigan. This staging is the strategy Ford Smart Mobility, which aims to convert the manufacturer into a leader in the field of connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, user experience and data and analytics.

Source – Ford

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