This future I like the autonomous car: RoboSimian, ape, robot and driver

I love the ability to have an autonomous car in the garage. Who does not? In any case fascinates me even more the possibility that an android a robot in human form, or ape – and why not? – Take the wheel of the car attend to my instructions and take me to my destination. I’m not sure that this last possibility will give us more confidence that a car begins to move, accelerating, braking and turning, with no one behind the wheel. In short, I want a robot to drive, as RoboSimian trip to take me as I rest, I sleep for a while and I see the last chapter of True Detective. Banal, selfish, and irrelevant applications, a technology that can definitely be much more important for humanity.

DARPA is developing a robot with form of ape that is able to conduct and perform a host of activities accurately, but not quickly.

RoboSimian is a creation of the Projects Agency Defense Advanced Research US (DARPA). A project based on development of a robot, with little body, and great tips which therefore closely resembles a monkey. Among RoboSimian skills would include taking the controls of a vehicle and drive it in a little comfortable pose, with medium body hanging outside the vehicle and stretching an arm to operate the steering wheel. [1.99901 million]

As you can see then in this test drive, RoboSimian is slow and skillful. We may have to wait a second, or third generation of robots apes, to contemplate something more spectacular.

Among the clamor of the public, RoboSimian also shows how it is able to raise and lower the vehicle . Maneuver takes more than a minute. To be an ape agility leaves much to be desired, do not you think?

Maybe that’s why NASA prefer to show this robot accelerated videos, using the technique of time-lapse .

RoboSimian has been developed to work in degraded life, for example in disaster, such as a nuclear accident environments.

And what the hell is developing DARPA robot ape-like? [1.99901 million]

As I said at the beginning, RoboSimian is more important for humanity that take travelers while we see our favorite series applications. RoboSimian has been created to address critical tasks in degraded lands and incompatible with human life . We talk about disasters, or even work needed on planets with conditions of temperature and impossible for terrestrial life atmosphere. Even with its slowness, and apparent stupidity – but it really is not awkward, but slow, because their movements are fairly accurate – this robot could perform critical tasks in very specific eventualities [1.99901 million].

A very handy example is the Chernobyl nuclear accident . We’ve all heard the stories of liquidators who faced exposure to high levels of radioactivity, signing an early death or at least serious diseases, to prevent the disaster is greater. The less known story is that of robotic devices, and heavy machinery remote control, which is also used in the cleanup and construction of the first sarcophagus to contain the leakage of radioactive material. Even those gadgets stopped working early in the attack of radioactivity in the area. RoboSimian have been designed precisely for such work, and avoid the sacrifice of many lives if such a tragedy from happening again.

Source: DARPA | NASA
In motor: Machine: 1 Site: 0. Elon Musk puts expiration date drivers [1.99901 million]

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