This Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid reaches 253,995 km/h to get with a record

Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido recordMany times, the hybrid cars are classified as slow or boring. Although on this occasion not be able to say the same thing, because this Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid just break a record of speed quite surprising. The chosen place could not be other than Bonneville Salt Flats, the huge desert salt from Utah (united States). There were a unit of the Korean model highly prepared.

What is certain is that the Ioniq that you see in the images has little in common with the standard model. There are a multitude of mechanical modifications: it has recalibrated the ECU, and opens intake and exhaust, removed unnecessary accessories like air-conditioning and has installed a system of injection of nitrous oxide. Has also been reinforced their security with a few bars of high-resistance, harness of six points on their sport seats or a parachute that can be used as a brake.


Although one of the keys to achieving the maximum possible speed is aerodynamics. This aspect has also been reinforced including the closed grille of the Ioniq, electric, installing new baffles and modifying the under body. The suspension has been lowered and now stands 100 millimeters closer to the ground, while the Goodyear Eagle carry lightweight wheels and keeled.

As you can see in the video this Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid moves quickly through the salt to reach the record. Has been approved by the FIA, and finally it is encryption in a speed of 253,995 km/h. This speed is the average of the two passes, but they also tell us that there were peaks of up to 257 km/h. A hybrid impressive and very different Ioniq that we had the chance to test recently.

Source – Hyundai

Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido record
Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido record
Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido record