This immaculate Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 can be yours for € 37 000

When in 1950 the united States government commissioned Toyota to build 100 buggies with which to participate in the Korean War, the japanese never imagined that thanks to that need american save on transport of Jeeps from the USA to the shores of the pacific, it would appear the Toyota BJ, start of a long history; Toyota Land Cruiser.

Known for their reliable mechanical japanese, moved from the military sphere to the civilian until the arrival of his second generation in 1960, the Series FJ40 that would be on the market for 24 years.


The protagonist of the images of today comes from this classic version, in settings of short battle and equipped with hardtop and rear doors ambulance-type that is found with a body matte black in a perfect state of collection and use, and it is now on sale at Hyman Ltd.

despite the fact that your sale price is to the height of a vehicle off-road today, I must say in his defense that, besides being one of the cars off-road more iconic (with all my respects to the Jeep Wrangler), this FJ40 has been restored and revised until the last corner, found in perfect condition exterior, interior and mechanical.


And it is that this model of 1979 has spent in the workshop many hours to be found in the conditions and appearance modernized that now boasts, as his aesthetic all-black with tinted windows (a rare thing at the time), wheels displaced and wider tires or your electric winch on the bumper.

on the other hand, his interior has been refurbished to the full with paint job and interior upholstery of doors and seats in black as well as the insertion of a computer music under the dashboard with which to liven up the journeys of an suv that, like its competition of the time, not noted for its interior insulation.

Mechanically it has also been completely overhauled so that your engine 3.9 liter 6-cylinder, in-line and manual gearbox 4-speed gear to be able to move the set for your daily enjoyment.

final price which can be purchased of this model (the safe, these hours have left many stakeholders) is of 39.500 dollars; little over 37,000 euros at the exchange , they are not both seeing the impeccable state of this beauty.