This is a BMW i8 after suffering an accident with a cement truck


This BMW i8 saved the life of its owner

If you are one of those who sigh every time they see a BMW i8 in the street or on posters, I will warn you that perhaps these images may hurt your sensibility. A traffic accident has resulted in hybrid sports German is completely unrecognizable and with a hope for the future quite dark.

Occurred in California, in particular, in Newport Beach. There, a cement truck was in an accident with a truck on a highway with such bad luck that flipped over on a BMW i8. Luckily they have only complained of property damage that the have not been reported dead or seriously injured, that is, in the end, what matters in these cases.

The BMW sports was well after the accident and the subsequent extraction from the roof of the person or persons that were in their interior. Local authorities report that three people were transferred to a hospital, two with “moderate injuries”, and a third was transferred in critical condition but has improved markedly since his arrival. Although it is not specified in what vehicle would each one of them.


The BMW i8 is a sporty plug-in hybrid that combines a gasoline engine three-cylinder 1.5-liter 231 HP that moves the rear wheels coupled to an electric motor of 131 HP, which rotates the front. In total has 362 HP that allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, the same as a BMW M6 560 HP. In Spain it has a price of 139.200 € .