This is a BMW M2 Competition with all the additives M Performance

a Few weeks ago, my colleague José Antonio I brought all the information of the BMW M2 Competition, a version enhanced and even more dynamic to the M2 that, among other things, uses the engine 3.0 biturbo engine from the M3 and M4, developing nothing more and nothing less than 410 HP.

however, and although this seemed the most that the bavarian manufacturer could do with your sports coupe, we return to surprise you thanks to the components M Performance. So, the German company gives a twist to your model with this BMW M2 Competition M Performance, that as long as you’re seeing, achieves an aesthetic even more sports.

carbon fiber is very present, so much so that it appears partially in the hood, in the front and rear bumpers, on the roof, on the trunk lid, on the prominent back spoiler and in some finer details as the air intakes, rear-view mirrors or on the side steps. The carbon fiber is not only to boast of aesthetics, as well as manages to save a few kilos when you set. But there is more, much more.

If we continue with the weight savings, we must mention his tires that are 19 inches and forged, by reducing the unsprung masses. In them are mounted tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. There are also improvements in the brake system, with an optional equipment is composed by discs of larger dimensions, well ventilated, bitten by aluminum calipers and pads more sports.

Nor could miss a suspension system is more focused on a extreme use on the track, with a configuration that reduces the ride height by 2 cm and that allows regulations on extension and rebound, something that will take advantage of customers most like to be seen by the circuitry in days trackday. Finally, the optional exhaust system, in addition to saving weight, it will emit a sound even more attractive.

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