This is a Ferrari LaFerrari after crashing into three parked vehicles


Detail as has been the Ferrari LaFerrari after crashing into three parked vehicles

This is the look of a Ferrari LaFerrari after hit three parked vehicles. It happened in Budapest (Hungary), the owner of the supercar Italian out of a repair shop on the back of his brand-new hybrid of 965 HP and somehow ended up suffering an accident which I I am afraid that I will return to this for a while.

The event occurred this same weekend. Luckily it seems that during the accident there were no wounded, nor the driver of the LaFerrari. The police is now investigating what happened, but preliminary reports say that the fault was the recklessness of the driver.

it Seems to be that the tires are cold, Ferrari did not provide the traction enough, which resulted in a loss of vehicle control and subsequent triple impact. I guess that you imagine the scene: nothing more to leave by the door to the workshop, pitosón the accelerator and direct the disaster. Money can buy almost everything, but not the common sense.


The Ferrari LaFerrari accident victim was covered with a tarp to not continue to feed the curious out of the area

it Seems that you will spend a good time in the workshop since the right front has been damaged. In a conventional vehicle, the repair should not be a big problem, but when we talk about a sporty 1.3 million and 965 CV interventions should be very accurate.

And they are now four…

This is the fourth unit that we have evidence of the accident, 499 that exists all over the world. Since its launch in 2013, the supercar and exclusive hybrid of the Ferrari seems not to have had great luck with some of their owners. The first incident occurred in the same year because of an encounter with a truck.