This is a Mercedes V Class after passing by Carlex Design

Mercedes Clase V por Carlex DesignNormally, one who purchases a van from big size to what you normally do for two reasons: to be able transport many items of great volume, or to travel comfortably more than four people. Therefore, tend not to be vehicles of great sports aspirations, or for touch driving or for aesthetics. One of the vans Premium current is the Mercedes V-Class, which we already tested here over a year ago.

To not be a traditional car, nor a sporty, normally we do not see preparations striking on this type of car, although it is not impossible. There are always exceptions. Carlex Design has decided to conduct a series of cosmetic changes on the Mercedes V-Class; a few changes that for many will be interesting and that others will see this as a change too bold for a Mercedes model. “For different tastes, colors,” said.

Mercedes Clase V por Carlex DesignWhat is certain is that this bodystyling exterior gives a pretty picture more sports to this van. The base color for chosen for the body is pearl white, to which we have added some subtle details in the front of the green tone. Change the bumper, much more dynamic and aggressive, but without getting to be excessively “racing”. The side steps are also found closer to the ground and, in addition, it has added a fake diffuser rear with double exhaust outlet on each side in the style of AMG.

In the interior appear modifications rather more striking than on the outside. And that is both the seat leather as the upholstery of the steering wheel combine the colors black and white, causing a great visual contrast. These two colors also appear in the mats, in the bellows of the gear lever and even in the armrests. Without a doubt, and even though like more or less, you can’t say that the interior is not eye-catching.

Mercedes Clase V por Carlex Design

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Mercedes V Class

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