This is a render invites us to imagine, once more, the future Renault Mégane RS

Render Renault Mégane RS

The Renault Mégane is positioned as the compact technology that is marketed today. The exterior design since we want to draw attention with their featured headlights LED in large dimensions, that will be the appetizer to discover an interior where the driver lover of new technologies, the screens and toquetear everything and have been will be more than happy. In addition, the overall quality perceived in their interior has improved significantly compared to its predecessor.

From the time that came to light the first images of this compact French, many have been the rumors about the sport variant, the Renault Mégane RS. Generation predecessor, the RS was shown as a real sport, with high dynamic capabilities and breaking records at legendary circuits such as the Nürburgring.

On the RS of this generation little is known beyond the absence of a three-door body. The Renault Mégane fourth generation is only available with bodywork of five doors, in addition to the family Sport Tourer, so that you can go discarding a body of a door by the side. The French brand continues in silent respect to the future Renault Mégane RS, although it is very likely to reach the market.

Render Renault Mégane RS

For the moment, we cannot do anything other than imagine and talk about the rumors circulating on the network. These images are renders made from sporty finish GT is offered with a gasoline engine of 205 HP and other diesel that will be incorporated soon with 165 HP. So, have provided the dimensions of the eye-catching yellow shade that is also used by the Renault Clio RS current and some features more sports as the bottom lights with the shape of a checkered flag is also fitted in the Clio RS. The tires of large dimensions and the presence of the black in multiple details put the icing on aesthetics.

rumors suggest that this version of the high performance of the compact Renault would come at the beginning of 2018. Have also that the “heart” of this sport would be a 2 liter turbo with a power very next to the 300 HP, in the middle of the last compact sports cars that have come to light.

What we want is that Renault will not do the same on the Mégane RS, which he did in the Clio RS in terms of the transmission is concerned, that is to say, we hope that you will not be able to attach exclusively to the automatic change with camshaft behind the wheel, offering the change to manual range and the automatic optional.

Source – Autoevolution

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