This is how it works the computer simulation to make “the crash test”

Each test-shock you need a prototype, and before the production in series, we talk about hundreds of thousands of euros, or perhaps more than a million, depending on the car. Not only is a expenditure of money, also implies the waste generation, and need time to construct each new victim of the tests.

therefore, welcome simulation is computerized, which allows you to save a lot in this process. Not only it is take less and spending less money, also there are other advantages, such as being able to “disarm” the car and see the impact in parts very concrete, or to provide step-by-step deformation and damage as they occur.

In this video we see how Honda and Acura simulation of their models. The richness of the data allows in the present generating simulations with a tremendous accuracy, virtually the same as in the real world. Although the conventional tests will continue to be made, more than anything else to ensure the result, this technology will reduce the amount of cars sacrificed on the altar of road safety.