This is how you assemble a Alfa Romeo 4C to hand

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a one of the sport’s most fun that are currently. If you have had the opportunity to try it out, you may have noticed that it is a modern vehicle that has been able to transmit the sensations that we provided to the controls of a beast of yesteryear. However the beauty of this coupe is evident even during his process of production.

This video reveals to us as is the assembly of a 4C, from the termination of your light chassis carbon-fibre monocoque until the installation of the panels of his slender body passing by the coupling of its powerful engine 1.750 TBI 240 CV, transmission, suspension, and other elements of the vehicle. All done by the accurate hands of the engineers Maserati in the plant Viale Ciro Menotti (Modena) with the help of high technology.


We will witness the birth of a attractive unit 4C Coupe Red 8C Competizione in combination with the exotic-headlights type eyes of the spider housing is matte black. The iconic model of Alfa Romeo

Discover how gradually all the components of the vehicle are fitting until you are the sports with the many of us dream of to shelter some day in our garage. With all the pieces in place, it only remains to test the vehicle on the rollers to check that everything works perfectly before giving a final review to march course to know its owner.