This is not a BMW 5-Series camouflaged the most, is the next BMW M5

The arrival of the new generation BMW 5 Series is imminent and clear, as it could not be otherwise, will arrive accompanied by a new BMW M5. We have already seen the BMW 5 Series 2017 camouflaged in official pictures (BMW teaches us, still camouflaged, the new BMW 5-Series, the “mini-BMW series 7” that soon we will know) now it is the turn of to see the latest version prestacional in motion, at the Nürburgring.

If it is to meet the forecasts we will see the new BMW 5-Series at the Paris Salon:

Those four exhaust outlets betray you, if that was not enough with the captivating melody that leaves his step in the “green hell”, but what will bring this new generation of the BMW M5?What 6-cylinder?What about 8 cylinders?Do a version of awd?

There are those who say a weight reduction of up to 100 kg, with a chassis in which the aluminum and carbon fiber bind, an idea of the BMW M5 insurance benefits not only in terms of lightness, also in that structural rigidity is concerned.

let us Remember that currently the BMW M5 is in the hands, mechanically, of a V8 4.4 liter, twin turbo and 560 horses, do we see an evolution of the engine surpassing the barrier of the 600 horses?

of course we cannot forget the important technological developments that are expected with this model, with functions of driving semi-autonomous, something that has made a special gala one of their more direct rivals, the Mercedes Class E.

Video of the BMW M5 on the Nürburgring