This is not your house: reception lasts Gas Gas KTM, possible buyer of the production unit

In case you did not know, Gas Gas has gone into liquidation, but there is still some hope in the possible sale of the production unit to an investor. This morning a delegation of KTM visited the facilities of Gas Gas in Salt – Girona province – with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtalking about numbers with the directive. A possible purchase of Gas Gas by KTM has been the main reason for the visit. Reception workers could not be more stark: burned tires and aggressive Posters


A few workers who are unpaid are serving and selling parts Gas Gas owners.

“This is not your house,” could be read in English and German, hung posters in front of the company, while several tires burned, leaving a black smoke into the air. The reasons for the staff of Gas Gas are well founded. Husqvarna belonged to BMW and had its production facilities located in the Italian city of Varese. Being bought by KTM , the first decision of the Austrian plant was shut Varese, which at that time was producing motorcycles. Production takes months to stop Gas Gas.

gasgas-cierre-portaa In Salt is believed to Gas Gas would run the same fate as Husqvarna: KTM wants to strengthen its trial bike Gas Gas range and would be absorbed by the Austrian giant, shifting production to Austria. In the words of the workers:

“This is not the future we want for Gas Gas bikes, which we have decided all staff, welcome you. With the message that this is not your home, we want them to mean, we will not allow them to buy our facilities to close them and deteriorate slightly over the national industrial base that we have. The off-road domestic sector will not stand idly by while opportunists seek to profit and monopolize the European motorcycle industry using a maze of companies to take over the entire market “arms.

continue to report, and we hope that the company will soon reach an agreement with an investor to ensure that employment and production are held in Girona.

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