This is rebuilding British Formula 1 with a budget of “low cost”

Imagine the sports runs in final circuit. Since you do not mind not being able to enjoy off the track in a tray-type Radical’re probably thinking, or even in a car. But what you never had happened, probably, it is the idea of ​​rebuilding an original Formula 1 and do it on a shoestring budget. Is it possible to prepare your own Formula 1 low cost? This is the objective of a British, which currently already have in their hands chassis of a Honda RA107 which it was used by Rubens Barrichello own in 2007 [1999005 season]. The penultimate car of Honda before his departure from Formula 1 and its subsequent transformation into Brawn GP team. [1.99901 million]

Acquired chassis for as little as 37,000 pounds, driving, or engine, now try to recover using the right parts.

As has this petrolhead English, is likely to Honda RA107 was one of the worst Formula 1. But in any case, even the worst Formula 1 is already a gem in the hands of anyone willing to make the beast final circuit. The chassis was bought at auction for 37,000 pounds , which at current exchange rates would be about 52,000 €. Lack of steering and engine, but would have most of the pieces. The chassis was fitted with a kit simulator, probably for display in different events. In any case, this chassis have been used in 12 of the 18 races that season, would have traveled 8,190 kilometers (certificates), and retains its original decoration Earthdreams. [1.99901 million]


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The owner, who has requested help Forero F1 Technical intend to deploy a 3.0 V8 engine instead of the original 2.4 V8 enough to start with at least 500 hp and see how gradually increase its potency. The project would sleep for years (beginning with 2011), among other things, the lack of funding from its owner. Will it complete its objective of retrieving a Formula 1, with a budget, and create your ultimate machine runs? Hopefully we get it and see.

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