This is the Batmobile of Galag Team that runs in the Gumball 3.000 2016

The Gumball 3000 is the race around the world maddest of all and where we can see the vehicles most eccentric on the planet. Although this year there is one that has no rival, it is nothing less than a authentic Batmobile that has been extracted from the game Arkham Knight to run in the first in this fun and controversial rally, this year from Dublin with the intention of finishing in Bucharest.


A batmobile made a reality to race in the Gumball 3000 2016

This vehicle has been specially built for the purpose of running in the famous rally luxury cars this year, 2016 by the company Caresto, a well-known builder Swedish custom vehicles and prototypes. Its design is that of the Batmobile that appears in the video game, but adapted so that its performance and usability to be full.

Powered by the V10 from the Gallardo

You will be amazed to know that inside he is hiding a propellant source such as Lamborghini, manufacturer of sport that regularly has qualified Batmóviles without be really. This monstrous vehicle is powered by an engine 5.2-liter V10 from a Gallardo that keeps your 560 HP power.


To create your body has been used large amount of carbon fiber inside and out because if not it would be too heavy. Has needed a wheelbase of 3.4 metres long to be able to place the front wheels in a position as advanced but in its interior only fit two people and not with too much freedom of movement.

The image has sent over the rest of the characteristics of the vehicle, this is why mounts huge wheels 26 inch with hubcaps “Batman” that simulate the massive braking system on the car game with perforated discs that are bitten by two brake calipers. In reality equips Brembo eight-piston front and six behind that are hidden to the view, also mounts the famous turbine spits-fire behind the giant vehicle.


In the vehicle do not lack the detail of the turbine

Nor has doors conventional but the whole cage of the passenger compartment down to allow access to the cabin, in addition to many details of her body are exposed to [mode19459004]props without having any functionality, yes do not miss the symbols of the man-bat for all sides