This is the BMW i8 Austin Mahone “oxidized” by MetroWrapz

BMW i8 efecto óxidoCar and rust are two words that don’t get along too well; sports and oxide, even less. But, what if that rust is artificial? As already intuirás, this BMW i8 was not a unit produced in secret, that the German brand you saved at the bottom of a lake for 30 years. This unit belongs to the young star Austin Mahone, where it was bought last christmas.

, it Appears that the young singer wanted to give a “touch” of class to its sporty hybrid, and decided to leave it in the hands of MetroWrapz. IAnd go to that if it looks different! The BMW i8 stands out for its futuristic design and technology, which appears both on the inside as on the outside. However, after passing through MetroWrapz, it seems that the body of this unit will take several years submerged in contaminated water.

BMW i8 efecto óxidoThe effect achieved is quite real and gives the feeling that if we touch him with our hands, we will notice roughness and the oxide we get dirty. Not everything was going to be rust and dirty. The majority of glossy black of the body, the BMW i8 brings always with him as “the nose” of the front, the roof or the pillars later, have remained. The trainer has also integrated a wheels Vossen with design multirradio and golden in colour, using this golden tone is also in the contours of the calender front, the air intakes of the side sill and the diffuser later.

If you do not have nor the most remote idea of who is the owner of the BMW i8 “rusty”, we can tell you that it is a young singer of 20 years born in Texas, united States, and that gave to fame through YouTube, which he went up his own versions of songs of popular singers. It seems that this young star doesn’t have bad taste for cars though, and what to decorate?

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