This is the BMW M2 we have tested

We know the BMW M2 and its capabilities did not disappoint, even goes so far as to tarnish the performance of its bigger brother, the M4, for their excellent tuning.

The engine of this sporty pure breed is made up of six-cylinder in-line turbocharged, which authorises a maximum power of 370 HP. Its maximum torque, which is generated between the 1,400 and 5,500 turns, is of 465 Nm although due to overboost temporarily increased to 500.

This video, recorded during the test that we have carried out in your presentation, it is a small note of sound that picks up the sound of the engine at idle, when the engine revs up to high spins and even in movement, with the typical sound of “bang” sounds when changing from one gear to another.


The exhaust system of the BMW M2 has four outputs

The sound of this engine is matched to his look sporty, it does not seem as artificial as the sound of the Audi RS3 and Mercedes A 45 AMG, which as you can imagine also have a performance extra ordinary.