This is the facelift of the Toyota Corolla

The current generation of the Toyota Corolla introduced in the year 2013, it receives its first update aesthetics. Addition to a renovated front and various improvements in terms of security.

Toyota-Corolla-2017 though these days are carried out on the Automobile Salon in New York city and the Auto show in Bangkok, Toyota chose the low-profile to produce in society restyling the car most sold in the world and he did so through a press release.

new Toyota Corolla 2016 comes with exterior changes that include a redesigned front, which now has a grill top something thin, about a new optical format that is more elegant and a bumper new invoice that includes a lower grille larger. To the sides stand the door handles which now feature chrome finish, in addition to the new design for the alloy wheels which are offered in 16-or 17-inch in diameter.

At the back are new LED headlamps, as well as a new garnish chrome which according to Toyota is accentuated by the wide format of the Corolla. Also added some new shades for the body.

In terms of the equipment, they made their debut a number of security systems that help prevent or mitigate collisions. Between these components, grouped within the package Safety Sense, we can find the lane keeping alert pre-colliding, reader traffic signals, and automatic high-beam system that work thanks to the processing of the information provided by a camera and a laser located in the front.

Toyota says that the refreshed Corolla will come to major markets in Europe this summer, although it does not mention whether these changes will be reflected in other international markets. Toyota sells the Corolla in over 150 countries, representing approximately 20% of the annual sales of the company.