This is the first image of the new Volkswagen Tiguan leaving the factory. You’ll meet him in a few days

In the next few days an important event for Volkswagen, the presentation of a new generation of Volkswagen Tiguan will occur. They’ll be busy days, many innovations that will be present at the Frankfurt Motor Show. To be heating up the atmosphere, Volkswagen just anticipate this of image new 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan off the production line, conveniently covered by a tarp. We know that aesthetically not going to experience a radical change from the Tiguan we knew so far, but that the changes expected definitely be more important than those who appreciate its fa├žade.

Volkswagen is preparing for the arrival of their new “Tiguan” 7-seater in 2016

The new Volkswagen Tiguan premiere platform, the famous MQB that came into use with the latest generation of the Volkswagen Golf. We know that will be quite lighter, discussing some unofficially it could save up to 100 kilograms. We know it could grow slightly, it will be more practical, modern and efficient, rather than obvious progress on a generational change like this. And we know that enjoy a seven-seat version , with a third row of seats. Another important step forward for this model.

volkswagen-tiguan-2016-espia Before the presentation and we have seen some pictures of the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 , much clearer, luckily, that the output of the first unit of Wolfsburg and covered by a tarp. Carscoop gave us some first spy pictures of the new Tiguan hunted during the filming of a promotional video for his debut.

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Volkswagen is preparing for the arrival of their new “Tiguan” 7-seater in 2016

The new 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan will be presented this year, including 7 seater version

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