This is the first image of the Tesla Model X in the manufacturing process! But where’s the car?

The wait is over. The Tesla Model X will be presented in a few weeks and has already begun manufacturing factory in Fremont, which has adapted its production lines to start the assembly of this atypical crossover electric, with doors in the form of ” falcon wings “. And what you see is a first image in the Tesla Model X Production Line 2 . An image Elon Musk himself shared in Instagram to show how spectacular installations are the brand that is on everyone’s lips. But the question is, where’s the car?

The greatest fear of Elon Musk is … the Rise of the Machines!

Under this set of steel and aluminum chassis of the new Tesla Model X. The image is hidden by impressive as it is, not so far from what we would find in any car factory. The car is hidden under spectacular robotic arms that handle all the work, perfectly calibrated to adjust with pinpoint accuracy every panel of the car. Elon Musk says 542 robots in this line are employed, 15 of whom work in unison at this stage, the focal point of assembly . Although factory Fremont employs thousands of employees of Tesla (not just work assembly, but also logistics, administrative, etc.), we could say without fear of contradiction that in this factory, as in many others, there are more robots in charge Task assembly that human operators.

factory Tesla is arguably the most automated automobile industry . And quite sarcastically Elon Musk took this picture to remind us why fears “the Rise of the Machines,” the robots end up destroying humanity, especially with regard to Artificial Intelligence.

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The greatest fear of Elon Musk is … the Rise of the Machines!

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