This is the first image of the upcoming Audi TT RS: are there 400 horses after those headlights OLED?

The new Audi TT RS will have optical OLED. Yes, your rear lamps, just like the BMW M4 GTS, are based on this technology, how do we know? Audi has already shown an advance on the occasion of the CES 2016 that makes us think of a debut that might well be scheduled for the next Geneva.

For now we only know that the next Audi TT RS will have a few lights OLED:

After the headlights laser the second battle for the lights comes to the OLED, a battle in which BMW it has also advance with the M4 GTS.

This breakthrough comes from the hand of AutoBild Germany in a first video that is shown to us as the attractive aspect of these lenses, with a nice finish, with 3D shapes… The rear of the unit presented is that of a, seemingly, Audi TT “normal” despite the fact that subsequently we show some lights with the recorded TT RS, what is Audi thinking to extend these lenses to the full range?

are Still unknown the technical aspects of this model but we cannot lose sight of a few recent rumors that speak to us because of the possibility of meeting with the well-known block of 5 cylinders and 2.5 liters, the same engine that we find under the hood of the Audi RS3, led, thanks to the supercharger, until some hypothetical 400 horses.

Even appears on the horizon, the idea of a Audi TT RS Plus of 420 hp.

video: these are the headlights OLED of the next Audi TT RS: