This is the first official image of the restyling of the Fiat 500


The next July 4 is the date on which the renewed Fiat 500 will have its world debut. In advance Fiat showed his first official photo barely reveals the format adopted its new rear light clusters.


Fiat-500-restyling-2015-1 L at presentation aesthetic update Fiat 500 is just around the corner and the Italian house released the first official image that reveals only a few details of the product know next July 4th . [1.99901 million]

On July 3 at midnight submit to the renewed Fiat 500 at a special event. [1.99901 million]

After eight years in the market and it was in the day that the 500 celebrates 58 years, updating the Cinquecento officially debut, but Fiat ahead of him with one image that just reveals their new rear lights, which include LED technology .

The launch will take place in renovated 500 the night of July 3 , in an event that has been called 500 Night in which dealers across Italy will be exceptionally open until midnight to greet prospective buyers that a prize will receive a 50% discount on optional accessories. [1.99901 million]

The event program can already be seen in the special website that Fiat has mounted for the occasion, which invite customers to join the presentation.

With a model that has aged as worth more then 8 years in the market and has inspired a whole new range of models, designers prepared just some minor cosmetic changes to the hatchback replicating some of the attributes of the Fiat 500X. Is that the idea is not to change a product which still maintains exceptional levels of sales, at least until the arrival of the next generation.

For the moment we can only analyze official advancement that does not show too. Still missing some.






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