This is the first sketch official of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio, what a S-Class Cabrio in miniature?

Mercedes has just made official the first sketch official of the new C-Class Cabrio. Following the presentation of the C-Class Coupe, the German manufacturer presents to us the convertible version of its Class C. it Is more than plausible that you replace in the range of the E-Class Cabrio, like the C-Class Coupe has replaced the convertible version of the E Class in the last reorganization of versions of the mark of the star. Be that as it may, we can already guess how it will look one of the stars of the Geneva motor show of Mercedes.

like its Coupe version, is very similar to the Mercedes S-Class aesthetically. Perhaps too similar.

we Might think a Mercedes S-Class Cabrio in miniature and we would be mistaken. It is not necessarily a bad thing – though someday I’ll talk about the dangers of type design “Russian doll” – because it gets to be a convertible very elegant. Behind is discreet and sophisticated, with a very nice LED optical systems. Four squares real occupy its interior, in which we find ourselves with the same cast of technologies, and assists the driving semi-autonomous of the coupe version, of which we have already spoken to the fund.

1440_mercedes-amg-c-63-coupe-2016-17as regards the range of engines there will be no surprises. The range will be built in diesel and petrol engines four-cylinder to 245 HP of power. The range could be supplemented with a version of 3.0 V6 Biturbo engine Mercedes-AMG C 43 Cabrio, being the top of line clear the versions AMG C 63 Cabrio, equipped with the engine 4.0 V8 Biturbo engine with up to 510 HP of power. The car will be a bit heavier than the Coupe version, due to the structural reinforcements needed. Will have the canvas roof, unless last-minute surprises.

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